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A/C Repair,

Installation & Maintenance

Heater Repair &


Duct Repair &


Heat Pump


Preventive Maintenance Agreements


Every Preventative Maintenance Agreement plan includes an annual 35 point Diagnostic Evaluation of your homes's Air Conditioning and Heating system.We will change the filters if they are available. Maintenance agreement run $169 per system additional systems are $99 comes with two inspection annually.     

Air Conditioning Service​

  • Take Temperature

  • Check Compressor

  • Check Thermostat

  • Check Run Capacitors

  • Check Duct System For Debris

  • Inspect Wiring

  • Check Air Handler/Elbows For Leaks

  • Inspect Disconnect

  • Take Amperage/Voltage of Motors

  • Start Device

  • Check Drain Lines/Pans

  • Check Condenser Coil

  • Check Safety of Electrical Connections

  • Check Refrigerant Pressure

  • Check Evaporator Coil

  • Check Filters

  • Inspect Compressor Contractors

Heating Service​

  • Check Temperature 

  • Inspect Pilot Light

  • Check Oil Exhaust Fan (if Needed)

  • Test Limit Switches

  • Check Gas Connection/Whip

  • Check Gas Mixture/Burners

  • Check Amp on IFM

  • Check Oil Fan Motor(If Needed)

  • Check Blower Control

  • Check Amp Draw Of Gas Valve

  • Test Heat Strips

  • Set Anticipator

  • Check Defrost Board

  • Carbon Monoxide Testers

  • Check Exposed T-Stat Wire

  • Check Flu Pipe Blockage/Build Up

  • Check Safety Controls

  • Take Exit Temp Split

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